Open Thread

It’s the Tuesday De-Lurk-A-Thon

It’s Tuesday night, most of tonight’s TV is reruns, why not pop in and say hello in the open thread? It’s been another awesome day at Persephone, we’ll be back tomorrow with even more wordy goodness.  While you’re deciding what to post, sing along with the following video.


Goodnight Persephoneers!

Our friend Hello Kitty recommended that we call ourselves Persephoneers, and I like it.   This photo really doesn’t need much of a caption, but I thought you all might want to see it.


How I Learned To Stop BSing and Start Cooking

So, I’m a woman in possession of a fully-functioning brain. This sexy brain of mine had refused to acknowledge the activity of “cooking” for an extremely long time. Then, about six months ago, two things happened.

Public Service

Letter from the Editor

Good morning, or whatever time of the day it happens to be while you’re reading this.   Welcome to the brand new Persephone Magazine!  We’ll be doing our best to bring you fresh content all day, every day, at least once we work out the kinks.   I’m Ophelia Payne, your humble editor,  and I’m actually three […]