Dear White People, You Should Watch This Movie

Earlier this week the trailer for Dear White People was finally released, and a thousand thought pieces were quickly published, anxiously awaiting the full movie in October.

Women In Academia

Higher Ed Around the Web

Hello, chickadees and chickadoos. This week I rounded the web, which is way easier than rounding the globe – especially considering that the web is so very large – and found the latest, hottest, most exciting news about the (sometimes sorry) state of higher education! If you want to alternate between feeling angry and feeling sad, then […]

Pop Culture

My Higher Education Panic, or How “Larry Crowne” Induced a Minor Breakdown

A few months ago, while he was underwhelming the rest of the world, Tom Hanks’ most recent character, fiftysomething college student/Julia Roberts-seducer Larry Crowne, sent me into a downward spiral. Maybe not a full-blown nervous breakdown, but certainly an unbecoming, hyperventilating, snot-and-tears meltdown. (To quote Ethan Hawke in one of my favourite films, “Do you […]


Student Loan Reforms and You

Earlier this week, President Obama announced a new plan to help Americans get their student loan debt under control. The plan, which will be rolled out in phases, addresses three major pieces of the student loan structure that have financially crippled so many households across the country: pre-loan disclosure, ease of consolidating loans, and size […]