Open Thread

It’s Eleven Days Until Christmas in this Weekend Open Thread

Let’s all have a big glass of egg nog, a gingerbread cookie, and…


The Good, the Bad, and the Crotchless: Lingerie Catalog Showdown (*NSFW!*)

“˜Tis the season when a young woman”™s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of doing it. Well, I suppose that”™s really any season, but the Yuletide also brings the opportunity to receive some presents off your sexy wish-list. We”™ve scoured the pages of three popular underwear catalogs to bring you the best in sexy sex-wear.

Op Ed

Meh, Go Ahead and Commercialize My Christmas

It seems that every year, just around the time that string lights and inflatable Santas start to fill up America’s front yards, people start bemoaning the fact that We as a People have lost sight of what Christmas is Really About. Instead, all we care about is buying and exchanging stuff.