Mental Illness

This Isn’t a TV Show: Life as a Hoarder

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Oh my gosh, I’m such a hoarder” when their house is a little messy, but the reality of hoarding is a lot deeper than that. 


The One I Got Wrong

Our rescue had become aware of a case in the rural county where we operate where upwards of 140 dogs had been seized by animal control from a so-called rescue. The small, cute and purebred dogs had found homes in rescues, leaving 70 dogs without anywhere to go*. We decided to meet these dogs and see […]

Pop Culture

Guilty Pleasures: Hoarders

So, in our last installment, we discussed a show about ghost stories. This time, we’re going to examine a TV show that’s perhaps more frightening than visits from the dead: Hoarders. I would hope this show doesn’t need description, but a quick summary: the show focuses on two individuals or families who are dealing with […]