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Project Runway All Stars 2.7 “Ho, Ho, Ho Sh#t”

In the immortal words of Casanova, “I am not used to making dresses out of bullshit.” 

The Daily Goodie

Daily Goodie: Holiday Enthusiasm

I secretly love folks who go all out with holiday decorations.  It takes a certain amount of optimism and good cheer to go the whole nine yards with the lights and the snowmen and the giant inflatable characters.  Today’s daily goodie is an example of holiday enthusiasm at it’s finest.


Etsy Christmas Ornaments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Originally, I was trolling Etsy for winter holiday decorations of all kinds, but after wading through thousands upon thousands of offerings (most of them very good, I must add), I realized that whenever I came across something that made me spontaneously giggle or retch or roll my eyes, it was a Christmas tree ornament. So […]