Open Thread

Open Thread!

Yay! Tomorrow’s Friday! And it’s Open Thread time! Time for socializing! And excessive use of exclamation points! Here is a song to get you started, I know it’s technically a holiday song, but it’s in honor of the snow day that seemed to be happening across the PNW today. See you all in the comments!

Just for Fun

Tuesday Night Trivia Shindig

This reminds me of writing pop quizzes, but much more random.  It’s four o’clock here in the Persephone empire, and we’re taking it easy this week while all our lady writers are traveling and planning their roast beast dinners.  We’ll be back in the morning, in the meantime have fun with the Tuesday trivia after […]

Op Ed

Finding Rape Culture in Surprising Places: Holiday Edition?

Discussing and understanding rape culture is relatively new to me; it’s mostly in just the last few years, and largely thanks to my bloggy feminist comrades, that I’ve come to realize that societal norms contribute to the romanticization or normalization of rape. This new awareness has led me to spot evidence of rape culture in […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 11/23

As we approach the holiday season, we’re about to hear Carol of the Bells 9 gajillion times in the next four weeks, and that song with Bono wondering if kids in Africa even know it’s Christmastime at all, in that pretentious Bono way.  For today’s lunchtime poll, I want to know your favorite holiday song.  […]