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Ask The Editors: Holiday Defense

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Recharging Your Batteries For When You Need Some Holiday Self-Love

The holidays wear thin on my mental, physical, and emotional health. Between the manufactured cheer of holiday music, the yearly “War On Christmas” campaign, maddening consumer panic that eats people alive with a manic fury, and the balls-to-the-wall work schedule that I always think I can handle (I CAN HAVE IT ALL), it’s easy to overload […]

Pop Culture

Killing Time with Family: Netflix Instant Saves the Day

The presents are opened, the roast beast is but an afterthought, there are only two beers left in the fridge and your grandpa gives you the side-eye when you even start towards the kitchen.  Busybody Aunt Pollyanna just brought up politics and it’s about to get ugly.  What do you do?