Surviving and Living

Back in October, I was watching a movie, “Stuart, a Life Backwards.” It is a fantastic film about the life of Stuart Shorter, a homeless man in Cambridge. It is a real story and basically, Stuart is royally fucked up mentally because his childhood was as fucked up as a mouse refusing to eat cheese.


Big deals, Blowing Things Out of Proportion, etc”¦

Can I just say how hypocritical some progressives and liberals are about what they decide can be or not be a “big deal” when we’re fighting for racial/gender/sexual/etc. equality? By saying certain communities are blowing this out of proportion shows a lot of fucking privilege that is being exerted by those groups.

Just for Fun

Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shit Storms (Part 1)

You can get your best music, movies and tv shows of 2010 lists somewhere else.  I know where I flourish and I am bringing you the Top 10 Jezebel Shit Storms of 2010.  This year was a banner year for the Ladyblog in terms of shit storms, and I had a lot to choose from, […]