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TDG: 3/3

Good morning, Persephoneers!  It’s Thursday again already, which means we’re all in the home stretch of this week.  Yay! We’ve got a pretty good day in store for you, lots of good pieces to read are stashed in the hopper.  Plus, day 3 of Middlemarch voting @7p EST. 

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Short Weeks Somehow Feel Longer…

I know it’s one of those days you had to drag yourself out of bed and onto the job or the day’s responsibilities.  Even the thought of delicious cranberry salad or green bean casserole can’t console you, because there is still an entire layer of bullshit between you and the holiday.

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It’s Wednesday Morning

And I think this day is going to require more coffee.   How are your days stacking up, readers?  Are you changing the world one TPS report at a time? Getting ready to scrub something unmentionable off a child-height surface? No matter how you’re spending the hours between now and later, Persephone should have something for […]