We Have Kittens! This is Not a Drill

I miss Sarafina and Alegria very much, but coming home to an empty house was even worse. This weekend, my husband and I headed to the shelters to look at cats. Spoiler alert: We came home with two black kittens!


It’s Time to Toss the Tradition of Carriage Horses in NYC

A recent New York Times editorial “Some Carriages Should Not Be Horseless” has renewed the debate surrounding the carriage horse industry in New York City.  While some (read: those few left in the industry) argue it’s a humane tradition that brings much joy to those who visit NYC every year, animal advocates disagree.


How To (Thoughtfully) Give the Gift of Charity

There is likely at least one person in your life, whether it be parent or spouse or child, who is and always will be impossible to shop for. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to think of a creative, meaningful gift that won’t just wind up in languishing in these people’s gift-vortex basements. […]