10-Second Anecdotes That Reveal Too Much About Me: Sara Habein

When Karishma first posted her list of personal anecdotes, P-Mag collectively decided that having more of us write our own would be an amusing idea. Let us delve into my stubborn, enthusiastic past, shall we?


Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for The Letter S

The Letter S is truly jumbo-sized this week. So, so many good songs start with this common letter, and even though I have a lot to talk about this week, believe me when I say that I am still holding back. We can gush in the comments instead.

Open Thread

Open Thread: 10/12/11

It’s the Wednesday Dance Party Open Thread! And you know what that means: a featured song that I’ve had stuck in my head all week!  I hope your weeks are going well. Getcha music on in today’s OT.