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Love It/Hate It: Ernest Hemingway

Welcome to Love It/Hate It, where two opinionated P-Mag writers mouth off to each other about pop culture icons. 


Picture This: Icons

Alright, so we’ve warmed up a bit now! Maybe your camera was a little dusty? A few of you mentioned in the comments last week that you’ve been wanting to put your new camera to use and we’re glad you’ve joined us! If you’re just joining us now, no problem! We’ve got an on-going weekly […]


The Runaways & Edgeplay: When Formative Moments and Rewriting History Collide – Part 1 of 2

The Runaways are considered the greatest female rock band of all time, and there are two films that tell their story: Edgeplay, a 2004 documentary, and Floria Sigismondi’s 2010 Runaways biopic. For a 38-year-old man who always revered Jett and the band since adolescence, these documents caused formative crush moments, the impact of music, and […]