The End of an Era

I parted ways with a true friend this week. Someone I have spent nearly every day with in the past 13+ years; one who saw me through hard times and heartache, joy and pain. Now she’s gone, and my heart is a little bit broken.


Your Aura is a Bit Splotchy: Synesthesia Revisited

If you’re a long-time reader of Persephone, or you’re interested in weird and wonky goings on in the human brain, you may have read the article I wrote back in February about being a synesthete (which you can find here). I was ecstatic to find that so many people were interested in my “brain disorder” […]

Pop Culture

Netflix Instant: Cartoons of the 90s

I will be perfectly honest: I love Netflix Instant. Objectively, the Instant Queue is the entity I’ve spent the most time with in the last year or so. I love it, and for the most part I think it loves me back. Once, in the midst of my Worst Day Ever, I discovered that there […]