5 Must See Movies by Indigenous Filmmakers

Previously I wrote about the whitewashing of Tonto in Disney’s The Lone Ranger and some of the harm done by non-Indigenous filmmakers controlling onscreen images of NDN people. One way to combat this harm is to support Indigenous filmmakers, writers and actors in their endeavors to portray our lives, the multitude ways of being Native, […]


“Aren’t you Native American?”: Diabetes Prevention in Indian Country

Content warning: discussion of chronic illness, discrimination, dieting, sizeism, weight gain/loss A year ago at this time I was 25 lbs. (11 kg) lighter, but not at much less risk for developing diabetes after having participated in my Tribe’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The Diabetes Prevention Program is a national program designed to target people and […]


Badass Ladies of History: Betty Mae Tiger Jumper

In an instant, Betty Mae Tiger Jumper could have never existed. She could have never gone on to become one of the few women in her community to go to school. She could have never been one of the most respected leaders, nor the first woman Seminole chair. Her life could have been cut short, leading to […]