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Recap: The Vampiaries, Episode 3.17 “Break On Through”

We begin with Alaric lying in an MRI scanner – Dr. Fell wants to check that his recent murderous tendencies don’t have a natural cause, because as she says to Elena, “If it’s medical, I can treat it.” (A little optimistic there, dontcha think?) Alaric is still skeptical about her theory that he’s the killer and […]


Up-And-Coming Social Media Sites: Hold Me, I’m So Cold

When Ophelia directed me towards Mashable’s “10 Websites to Watch in 2011” post, I was feeling pretty chipper. Then I scanned the social media-heavy list of up-and-comers and my skin started to crawl with the anticipation of yet another website I’d be expected to not just sign up for but actively splash around in like […]