LadyGhosts of TV Past

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars (Episode 7)

This is one of my favorite episodes mainly for the Weevil (<3)/Logan Breakfast Club-style story arc.  The episode also plants the seed for a number of other issues that are going to come up throughout the season.  Veronica Mars is great at slowly building intrigue and watching it on Netflix sometimes makes me sad that […]


Teaching Your Kids to Sell

Over the years, as a student, I’ve sold cookies, candy, coffee cake and gift wrap for various schools and organizations. I was a bit too old for the cookie dough and pizza kit fad that was all the rage at the turn of the century, thank goodness, because I think they’d be a bitch to […]


How To: Write a Complaint Letter

Welcome to Selena’s Corner, where I gently guide you towards the path of better writing.  Sally J can help you effectively wrangle your grammar skills, but I’m here to show you how to inject a little velvet sass into your writing.  Today we’re going to chat about writing a complaint letter.

Generation XX

Growing Up X-ish: Notes from a Straddler

Selena’s Gen X article from a few weeks ago resonated with many people. I enjoyed it too, as I remember watching both Heathers and Reality Bites in my teens. On tape. Because I was too young for them when they first came out.