The Paranoid Lady’s Reminders to the Insecurity of Security Questions

This is the first of a series of practical Internet security posts I’ll be doing, inspired by Jordan Shea’s “Holy Shit! (1, 2, 3)” series. Let’s face it – as we get comfortable doing just about everything online, sometimes we might be too at ease and let our guard down. And that’s when we get […]


The Age of Dick Pics And Why Weiner Should Have Stayed

Back in February, I attended a Planned Parenthood rally here in NYC. There were at least 20 speakers at that rally, many of them great, but one of the best was Anthony Weiner. Having just come from a pro-labor rally also being held that day, he spoke with passion about women’s rights.


Holy Shit! My Favorite Site Got Hacked! Part 1

Editor’s Note: This spot is normally reserved for our retro recaps, today’s Firefly recap can be found on Wednesday in this time slot, and the West Wing recap that’s been traded with it will appear later on today.  In the meantime, here’s part one of Jordan’s new (very timely) series on removing the mystery from […]