Someone Tried to Scam My Nana and I Am Pissed

I am typically a pretty peaceful person, but the unadulterated rage that I have been feeling for the past 36 hours could really use an outlet, and that outlet would preferably be the face of the woman who tried to scam my nana out of $3,800 yesterday.

Op Ed

African-American History X: MizJenkins, Jezebel and the Banning of Black Thought

A couple years ago my cousin told me she had started a blog. Despite my fear of technology I began reading it regularly. I soon learned that there was an entire community of “bloggers” on the interwebs, some of whom were women of color that were sharing brilliant opinions on a diverse range of interests. […]


Denmark: Welfare Paradise vs. Toughest Immigration Rules in the EU

I have been writing about this on a few sites on the interwebs and quite a few people ““ especially outside the EU ““ seem interested in the subject. Denmark, the little fairytale country with free health care and education, should it really also be the country of a badly hidden racist agenda?