Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This Week in Lady Reads

Over the past week, there’s been quite a bit of coverage of Caitlyn Jenner, so we’ve found a few posts you can use to refute the ignorant haters. We’ve also got lots of good reads about feminism and other social justice topics, pop culture, a bit of science (with an unfortunate side of sexism), and some […]


Irony: You’re Using it Wrong

Isn’t it funny, don’t you think, how one song destroyed our understanding of the word irony? Or perhaps we never really understood it. Maybe it’s the way, “Isn’t it ironic,” trips off the tongue while, “Isn’t it coincidental,” garbles in the mouth. Either way, people use irony wrong every day, which is a shame, because […]


Internet Irony: Yogurt Edition

Ladyblogs and blogs with sections for ladies are writing about Yoplait, after the company pulled an ad after receiving several complaints from individuals with disordered eating. The ad mirrors behavior those with disordered eating work hard to overcome and echos many old tropes linking morality and eating.