Getting That Perfect Playlist

Probably just like you, I need to have a certain ambiance when I’m writing. I need to sit in a certain place, have my tea and my munchies at the ready, keep my notes on hand, and of course, have that perfect playlist on. A playlist is a big necessity, because it sets the mood […]

Open Thread

Monday Flashback Open Thread: Rock and Roll Music

Good Monday, friends! I hope you kept cool this weekend and the week is off to a good a start. A friend of mine just announced that her seven year old has made his first official music purchase in the iTunes store.


Live Blogging Apple’s Big Announcement

Apple is making a big announcement concerning iTunes today, right as this post goes live.  I’ll be gathering the scoop and will update the post as new news becomes available.  My wishlist includes updates that don’t require an entire 80mb build, the ability to more easily back up (and not delete everything from) my devices […]