My New Year’s Resolution “” Take Back January!

It feels inevitable. December is all about holidays and parties and joy and togetherness. There are bright lights and gifts and delicious food and hundreds of tubas playing carols. At least, that’s the hope. It’s a time of year when we try, as best we can, to connect with our abundance and our joy.


Polyvore Outfits for the Month of Suck: Movies, Arts n’ Crafts, Bloggin’

Alright, we’ve established that January is not actually the worst month ever for everyone on the planet, but I thought we’d stick with that theme for this week’s Polyvore round-up and address what you can do when you’re feeling blue (besides listening to “Downtown” over and over again). Oh, and what you can wear!


January Bites

I will defend to the death my right to hate January for no other reason except that I do. But, out of respect for you readers, I’ll provide some actual linkage, maybe some statistics, and a whole lot of incontrovertible proof that January is a bad, terrible, horrible, no-good time to be alive. 1. The […]