Friday News Bites: Bugs! Bears! Barrowman! Ohhh Myyy.

Despite my silly headline, we do have some serious stories to cover this week. Let’s get to those first, and you shall be rewarded with some amusing stories to see you into the weekend.

New Show Recap

New Show Recap: Scandal, Season 2, Episode 21, “Any Questions?”

The First Warning Sign of a Heart Attack: Being Cyrus Beene

Open Thread

Open Thread: And Now It’s Springtime for P-Mag and Barrowman!

It’s finally warm here in New York. Huzzah!

You Complete Me Internet

Gif It to Me Baby: Hey Sexy Lady

Hello, lovelies! Coco’s sex column is taking a break this week, so I’m bringing you some of the gifs (and a couple of jpegs) that give me Feelings. 

LadyGhosts of TV Past

Retro Recap: Torchwood 1.12 “Captain Jack Harkness”

Dear God, this episode. It ranks among many Torchwood fans (including me) as their favorite episode of the series. I have to really control my squee levels while recapping this, but some may seep through. Consider yourself warned.


Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for The Letter O

Oh, friends, we’re chock full of love, lust and loneliness in this week’s Ode to The Letter O. Stick through until the end since I’ve left you all a present. Oh yes.