Thanks for the Plan B, Judgey Pharmacist McJerkface

We had a condom breakage situation last week, which meant a trip to the old pharmacy for some Plan B. It was technically Jon’s turn to buy, but he was lagging and I didn’t want any little embryo thingies taking hold in my junk, so I hit the grocery store pharmacy whilst picking up some […]


What’s the Deal with This Sublime the Art Eggheads Keep Talking About?

So this week’s post was going to be about Abstract Expressionism, also known as “Those spilled paint paintings.” As I was drafting it up I found I kept coming back to the idea of Kant’s sublime, which I mentioned briefly last week. And I realized it will come up again when I write about conceptual […]


Musings of a Reformed Judgy McJudgerson

My favorite book, The Great Gatsby, begins like this: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,” he told me, “just remember not everyone has had the same advantages you’ve had.”