New Show Recap

New Show Recap: True Blood S7E6 — “Karma”

“This is bullshit. I imagined my death many times. But I never thought I’d meet the sun in a place with wall to wall carpet.”


Mini-Reviews: “Who Done It?”, “Here I Go Again” and “Hooked”

When Chicago winter rears its ugly, black icy, snow swirly head, all I want to do is stay inside and read books. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to get the flu, but that happened last week. But you know the great thing about the flu (after […]

We try it!

We Try It! — Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover

Some months ago, a friend recommend organic nail polish remover as an alternative to the stuff I’ve been buying since I was in high school. You know the stuff ““ you probably buy it too. It’s a buck sixty-nine for a bottle and it smells like hell. “Try it!” she said, “It smells great! It […]

Reader Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 6: Checking In

We’re a month into our Positivity Challenge and I think this week is a good time to check in and see how everyone’s doing. One of the greatest things that happens when you are more mindful about positivity is that you find the positivity comes back to you. Call it karma, the three-fold return law, […]