There’s A Song, and YouTube Video, For (Almost) Everything…

One of the advantages of being a teenager’s mother (no, really, there ARE some advantages!) is early knowledge of trends. And it’s not just obsessive texting, video games, or mindless cat videos – my boys both introduced me to the wealth of actual, useful information one can find on YouTube. (Although there’s plenty of ridiculous […]

Op Ed

What’s Really on the Line This Time

I do understand how someone could not want to vote for President Obama, but I truly cannot understand why anyone would help the chances of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan getting in. No matter what President Obama may or may not do, it’s nothing on the scale of what these men┬áthe Koch Brothers will do. […]


Gov. Walker’s Union-Busting Measure: The Plot Thickens

As you’re probably aware, shit just got real in Wisconsin. Their Tea Party governor, Scott Walker, created legislation that would eliminate collective bargaining power from the state’s unions.