We try it!

We Try It: Pinteresting Easter Eggs

I haven’t dyed Easter eggs since I was a little girl. Since my daughter just turned three and is starting to be more interested in craft projects, I thought this would be a great excuse to mess around with a few different ideas. I hate the smell of vinegar, so I wanted to try something […]


The Best Summertime Dessert Ever

Last year, when we were on Weight Watchers, the Mister and I discovered that it is possible to make a delicious dessert that is 100% fat-free.  Not only that, but it is so good that your guests won’t feel like they are being punished by your desire to lose weight. 


Three Things Congress and Obama Accomplished

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t particularly infected with Obama Fever and have been pretty skeptical of him so far. Mainly, the never-ending rhetoric of “hope” and “change” seemed like he was making too many vague promises, too many big promises, without any real chance of being able to follow through on them. […]