When Conde Nast Met Adult Entertainment: Becoming Belle Knox

It’s rare for media to provide a multi-dimensional portrait of sex workers. It’s even rarer when it comes from a media outlet responsible for such titles as Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.


News Appetizers: Ask for extra sauce to help the medicine go down

In case you are one of those TL;DR kind of people, here’s a quick summary: Trayvon Martin’s case is continuing to get people talking but so far not much more; things are terrible in the world, especially in Syria, at funerals, and for Susan Powell; some basketball happened; people won a crapton of money; the Republican primary […]


There are Many Choices You Can Make: Or, How I Changed My Mind About Having a Baby

I never wanted to be someone’s mother. In fact, until a few years ago, the very thought of pregnancy made me collapse with anxious dry-heaves. I was happy to have my dogs and to enjoy my niece and nephew. But giving birth and having babies myself straight up grossed me out and made me panic. […]

Op Ed

Takedown: ‘Tis the C-son.

This week’s Takedown comes in the form of a picture. A friend of mine joined the group “Occupy Breastfeeding,” which seemed like an interesting topic, seeing as my kid is practically old enough to drive and refuses to give up the boob. I was hoping it might be a support group for women whose kids […]