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Ladymags for Olds: Ladies’ Home Journal

Today, in the third post in our series about mainstream magazines for those of us not in Cosmo‘s bracket, we’re going to look at an old warhorse, Ladies’ Home Journal.  When I used to read my mom’s magazines, LHJ was my favorite.  For one reason, and one reason only.


Ladymags for Olds: Good Housekeeping

A couple of weeks ago, I gave Woman’s Day the once-over with my critical lady side-eye, and what we discovered wasn’t pretty.  Woman’s Day did have many decent points; including a reasonable exercise routine, a handful of engaging human interest stories and a recipe for very cute cupcakes.

Op Ed

Not Just Cosmo: Ladymags for Olds

I grew up reading my mom’s stack of ladymags: Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Woman’s Day and Ladies’ Home Journal.  Like the magazines aimed at younger women, they keep their audience enraptured with a combination of fear and shame, which is supposed to inspire us to support their advertisers and sponsors.