Persephone Birthday

Best of P-Mag: Consumer Goes Green, That Time of the Month

Here on the Lady Blog, it makes sense that we talk about the lady bleeding. I found this article particularly helpful in deciding if reusable supplies would be a good idea during my ladies’ days. Thank you, Sara B., for doing the heavy lifting on this one. -Sally J 


Book Review: “The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot” by Violet Blue

“The G-spot is not a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” Violet Blue writes in her introduction. “It’s a real, tangible thing [“¦] But for some reason, lots of people seem to think the G-spot is a myth.” In response to the oft-heard misconceptions about this place inside a woman’s body, she decided […]


Jerkproof: How Not to Talk to Infertile Friends

It’s time for a sharing circle, Persephoneers. We talk a lot about motherhood around here, and the choice to not be a mother. Today, we’re going to chat about those of us who aren’t in either the happily parenting or happily childfree demographic.