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New Show Recap: True Blood S7E5 — “Lost Cause”

“I’ve had about 100 boyfriends die on me over the years, but I remember how painful those first few ones were.”

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True Blood Retro: Season 1, Episode 8 ““ The Fourth Man in the Fire

Everyone has to eat, right? We’re all links on the universal food chain. See, squirrel eats nuts, snake eats the squirrel, gator eats the snake. And we can eat pretty much anything we want. It’s the circle of life.

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True Blood Retro: Episode 1.3, “Mine”

You think that it’s not magic that keeps you alive? Just ’cause you understand the mechanics of how something works, doesn’t make it any less of a miracle “¦ which is just another word for magic. We’re all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic’s just a little different from yours, that’s all.