What I Watched Last Night: Drunk History

Oh, I could have watched something classy. Or thought-provoking. I had good intentions of perusing the neglected portions of my Netflix queue, but in the end, my husband went down the Vimeo-rabbit-hole, and I watched.

What I Watched Last Night: Eureka, “I’ll Be Seeing You”

My husband was the Eureka fan first, so I came into this show just from him playing it on Netflix. He’s never really watched it through Syfy, but we’re the type to binge out on shows all at once. Without DVR, we’re both useless for remembering TV schedules. Still, while I’m not Who-levels of obsessed, […]

What I Watched Last Night: Luther, Episode 1

Are we surprised that I’ve found another BBC show to watch? No. I’d heard great things about Luther, but what with all the Doctor Who binging, I’d yet to start watching until last night. To be honest, I wondered if I’d have something to say beyond, “Idris Elba is a very attractive man.”

What I Watched Last Night: “Vincent and The Doctor”

Last time I wrote for this section, I talked about my nervousness regarding the regeneration of David Tennant to Matt Smith as the Doctor. Cranky dino fear change! Etc. Turns out, it took me longer to grow used to the opening theme changes (the font!) and remodeling the TARDIS interior to”¦ orange. Orange! I’m okay […]