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Tradition, Tradition! (or why Martha Stewart’s job is safe)

I’ve never been the Domestic Goddess type – I mean, I cook for my family and sometimes enjoy it, but I tend to stick to meals requiring a minimum of time and ingredients.


Better than Restaurant Food: Potato Pancakes

I need to vent about something. I spent my Saturday night 300 miles away from home at an Oktoberfest event held at my grandparent’s country club (I know.) Hoo boy. While my grandparents were more concerned about the fact that the live music provided did not match their expectations of traditional German music (there was […]


Have Some Autumn Latkes With a Side of Applesauce

Have you been apple picking this season yet? I haven’t, but tentative plans to go have inspired me to make applesauce. And if you’re going to have applesauce, you’d better make some latkes to go with it. I recently tried out an Autumn Latke recipe with beets, sweet potatoes and carrots that you should probably […]