An Embarrassment of Reading Riches

It is the age-old book lover’s lament: I will likely not live long enough to read all the things I want to read, so I’d rather not spend my time with another lazy journalist.


Masterbitch Theater: Bisexual Invisibility

Though Huffington Post seems to be one of the few news outlets with frequently-occurring articles on bisexuality, I still found myself a little irked with a recent “Bi the Bi” column.

Op Ed

You Can Do Better: In Defense of One “Ladyblog”

On Monday, n+1 contributor Molly Fischer wrote an article, “On Ladyblogs,” in which she tried to further articulate her feelings about sites like Jezebel and The Hairpin. In the process, she displays a remarkable aptitude for sweeping generalizations, half-assed research, and reneging on a commitment because the self-imposed assignment no longer felt “relevant.”