News appetizers: If Only We Could Make Them Taste Like Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

It’s Monday, one of the best days of the week! Easily in the top 10. Well, maybe not “easily.” But probably. Lots of crap going on in the world today, and some not-crap. Let’s take a look.


Leap Years, Leap Seconds, and a Brief History of the Western Calendar

Happy February 29, everybody! Have you ever wondered why we add an extra day to the calendar every four years? As it turns out, the solar year is a little longer than the modern 365-day calendar year, which has necessitated numerous modifications to the calendar over the years to try to keep everything moving smoothly. 

The Daily Goodie

The Daily Goodie – 2/28

It’s not a leap year, that means that today is the last day of February! You know what happens in March? That’s when Spring starts! Woohoo! So, on that note I have a delightful little tune to start off our last day of the month on a good note, by our unofficial Persephone Magazine band.  […]