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A Love Letter to “Parks and Recreation”

In the Spring of 2009, Parks and Recreation debuted on NBC. Maybe you heard about it because you liked Amy Poehler from SNL. Maybe you heard that it was kind of like The Office, but without Steve Carrell. Maybe you watched an episode or two but didn’t bother to add it to your TiVo Season Passes. If you haven’t already spring for a HuluPlus subscription just to watch all the episodes in the past month, this love letter should explain why I did and you should.


Badass Ladies of History: Decca Mitford (pt 1)

Young women today are spoiled for choice in role models. The philanthropic can look to Jane Addams or Ethel Kennedy, the civic-minded may find heroes in Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton (or perhaps Leslie Knope), and aspiring scientists can get into Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, or even Hedy Lamarr. And with every passing day, […]