Masterbitch Theater: Bisexual Invisibility

Though Huffington Post seems to be one of the few news outlets with frequently-occurring articles on bisexuality, I still found myself a little irked with a recent “Bi the Bi” column.


Badass Ladies of History: Sylvia Rivera

In honor of New York’s upcoming Pride parade this weekend, I wanted to highlight a real badass woman whose tireless work has often been pushed to the side in queer and activist history: Sylvia Rivera.


Gov. Walker’s Union-Busting Measure: The Plot Thickens

As you’re probably aware, shit just got real in Wisconsin. Their Tea Party governor, Scott Walker, created legislation that would eliminate collective bargaining power from the state’s unions.

Op Ed

Taking Dignity Back from Bullies

Over the past few weeks, the media has suddenly paid a lot of attention to bullying and suicide among young people, particularly those who identify as LGBT. Tragic stories like those of Seth Walsh, Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, and Billy Lucas in the last month alone seem to be everywhere you turn.