Dear Chicks on the Right: It’s Me, Manda

Dear Chicks, It’s me again! I’ve been trying to avoid you, mostly because you make me angry, but now all the more conservative women I know have been reposting your blog articles and I can’t avoid you. So I just thought I’d clear a couple more things up. I really, really want us to be […]


More Super PAC Fun!

Afternoon, all. I am typing this in between sprinting to the bathroom to vomit, thanks to a lovely coworker coming in with the stomach flu, so please bear with my brevity.

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: Liberal Bias in the UC System

Earlier this month, the National Association of Scholars, a conservative group concerned with the goings on in higher education, released a report titled, “A Crisis of Confidence: The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California.” Like the title suggests, the report goes on to describe all the horrible abuses the extremely left-wing […]

Canadian Politics

Why a Liberal/NDP Merger is a Bad Idea

I know there’s Canadians who read Persephone, so let’s talk about Canadian politics! Things’ve gotten pretty interesting in the past few months.