Twelve Christmas Songs I Actually Like

‘Tis the time of year for Christmas songs, be they decent or obnoxious… and everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes good or bad Christmas songs. Here are ten of my favorite Christmas and winter songs. Hopefully you find something you like! Read More Twelve Christmas Songs I Actually Like

Holiday Music that Doesn’t Suck

I’m a grinch. I don’t like the holidays. The holidays are a lot of scramble, cranky relatives, scheduling nightmares, budget worries and consumerism. By mid December I want to send Santa a text with everyone’s name in it to put on his naughty list. (Cut me off in traffic? COAL FOR YOU.) It would take more than Cindy Loo Who to make this heart grow half a size. Read More Holiday Music that Doesn’t Suck

See Ya Later, Monday

Are you sick of my yammering yet, dear readers?  Look at this, we managed to pull of a fifteen post day, because we rock.   Not only that, this right here is our 400th post.  We’ll be back tomorrow with another full day of magic, so y’all have a wonderful evening.  Read More See Ya Later, Monday