UTI and I

Oh the UTI – scourge to anyone whose urinary tract sits close to where the fun stuff happens. UTIs (urinary tract infections), I have determined, should be added to the death and taxes list – and unfortunately so. 8.3 million women will have a UTI in their lifetimes, and it goes without saying that once […]


Dreaming of Summertime

Here in the Midwest, many parents scrambled to make arrangements for yet another snow day this past Friday. It’s the 6:45am announcements of “School’s Closed”that makes me ever-so-grateful for my flexible work situation. While at home Friday, friends were chatting on Twitter about summer camps. Is it crazy to plan for summer camp in February? […]


I Will NEVER Regret This! & Other Tattoo Truisms

I stumbled across the Tumblr FuckYeahTattoos this morning and you can pretty much imagine how productive the rest of my day has been. There’s nothing more engrossing than looking at a good mixture of beautiful and horrible and ill-advised and completely inexplicable tats. But, you know me–I’m not here to show you the lovely, heart-breaking […]