An Expat Goes Home

On February 25, my teaching contract in South Korea ends. On February 26, I’ll be on a flight to Tokyo to spend two days there (because in case you didn’t know, Tokyo is expensive and even two days can drain the bank account) before flying to Denver to stay with my sister for a week […]


How to Travel the World

In June 2007, I graduated from college and decided there wasn’t much reason to stay. With an economy already in decline and no bites from any employers, I told myself I would leave the US before September 1, 2007. I left mid-August and I’ve been on the road ever since.


An Ex-Pat’s View of American Politics

I used to be a political junkie. Well, I should amend that previous statement. I used to be an American political junkie. I’ve always loved debating politics. I was the person who would gladly debate politics during Thanksgiving dinner with my more conservative relatives despite my mother’s injunction that political discussions were banned in the household. […]