Forgotify: The Last Frontier, Week 4

“The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra: Scotland’s foremost traditional music organization.” Wait — Fiddle Orchestra? 

You Complete Me Internet

The Best of Pinterest: Geeky Valentine Edition

Roses are red, Violets are not actually blue, It’s a Pinterest Valentine’s party for you!

Pop Culture

What Stories Can You Never Get Enough Of?

Contains not very recent spoilers for Sherlock, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and uh, It’s a Wonderful Life. And the Bible.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll Truth or Dare: Lord of the Rings

It’s that time again. Time to challenge yourself with a little truth or a little dare.

Book Club

Nerd Alert: Persephone Book Club To Read The Hobbit

That’s right, y’all! Inspired by the recent excitement concerning the Hobbit movie, I decided to re-read the book over the holiday weekend. I was further inspired to implore you all to read it again (or for the first time!) so we can get our nerd on next week and talk about it.


Let’s Talk about “The Hobbit”

Considering the fact that I’m a huge Tolkien fan, you’d think I would have been excited about the upcoming Hobbit movie for a long time now. But it’s not entirely true.


Do You Reread Books?

The issue of rereading beloved books is yet another one that I didn’t realize was up for debate until I moved in with Mr. McD. He is firmly in the No Rereading camp, and once expressed confusion about why I choose to read certain books over and over when there are plenty of great books […]