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Survey Says: Watching Reality TV Makes You Neurotic

I am not ashamed to admit that I watch reality television, although I focus mainly on the mainstream shows ““ Real Housewives, Top Chef, things like that. Apparently though, I should be alarmed, because according to a recent study by, those who watch reality shows that are non-competitive are “more extroverted, neurotic, and have […]


Dangerous Beauty?

I often ask myself if I’m wrong to talk about beauty as much as I do. I know that the question of beauty is a contentious one. If beauty is used to make women feel like they don’t measure up, then maybe the whole idea of beauty should be tossed out the window.


Being Bullied Probably Made Me Who I Am

We want to think that we can outgrow and move on from the bad things that happened to us as kids, but something will always stick. That’s how I feel about being bullied: I’d like to say that I’m over it, that it happened more than 15 years ago, but really, there are parts that […]


Cellphones Provide A Handy Distraction From Our Need To Be Distracted

I’ve read my fair share of articles on how humans are becoming dependent on technology and how Google is making us “stupid,” but my experience living without my cellphone for two days last week was not at all like the ordeal these articles describe. Instead of finding myself hopelessly dependent on technology (and therefore useless […]


When Bullies Don’t Grow Up: Workplace Bullying

In my post yesterday, I discussed how some recent interactions with former high school bullies helped me reach the surprising conclusion that some of my former tormentors are now mature, successful, even nice people. But it got me thinking about bullies who don’t grow out of it: what happens to them? Who are their targets […]