Political Round-up: Republican Grinches, Trillion Dollar Bills, & First Responders

As this week wraps up, let’s take a look back at what’s happened and make a few educated (entirely speculative) guesses about the future. But first, do you ever feel like you’re on a carousel and keep passing the same waving parent, or it’s Groundhog Day and you keep eating the same diner breakfast, or […]


Your Guide to Lowest Common Denominator Blogging

Looking for ways to rake in the pageviews, stir up shitstorms, and generally attract a buttload of viewers to your blog? It’s actually quite simple. Abandon all integrity, ye who enter here: I’m about to lead you down a primrose path of debauched, salacious, Faustian buggery, complete with examples of the stories that will simultaneously […]


Expired Unemployment Aid Leaves Two Million People Out In the Cold

Thanks to Congress doing what it does best–delaying decision-making until programs just die and float up to the big bureaucracy in the sky–two million people who received extensions on unemployment benefits will be cut off by the end of this month. These so-called “99-ers” (for the total of 99 weeks they were on unemployment) will […]