I Dropped Acid At A Pinball Convention So You Don’t Have To But Maybe You Should Anyway?

[Trigger Warning: Depictions of abuse, substance use, and suicide] She doesn’t take sugar or cream. The spoon is wholly ritual. Languid lulling of percolated pitch. She’s angry.

New Show Recap

Recap: “Mad Men” Episode 5.06, “Far Away Places”

This week on Mad Men: The show does half my work for me by splitting into three distinct story lines encompassing the same span of time. The title is “Far Away Places” and Peggy, Roger, and Don all have experiences that take them deep into unfamiliar and unsettling territory. Exciting!


Science News Roundup: 3/20/12

The last few weeks have been very busy in the animal kingdom, with the discovery of several new species, including a possible new relative or ancestor of humankind. There have also been some interesting insights about alcohol addiction from two very different yet surprising angles.


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First and foremost: don’t forget to have set your clocks back yesterday! I know, you didn’t forget, and if you did, you’ve already had a hilarious mixup and realized your mistake. But I needed an excuse to complain about the fact that I only got 23 hours’ worth of birthday this year. Boo. Hiss.