We Vibe It: The Magic of the Magic Wand

My wife and I put Uncle Sam’s money to good use. Not only did we pay for our upcoming honeymoon to Portland, we finally bought a toy we had been coveting for a year or so. I had heard amazing reviews from my friends especially from a few trans friends about how awesome the Hitachi […]

Pop Culture

Fun and Games Trivia Answers

I have got to say, I was truly surprised by how many of you really don’t like Smarties.  Between everyone who commented, all the questions were answered correctly except the Smartie question, because apparently I am the only one who cares.  No, wait, I lied.  No one got #8 either.  I guess that makes up […]

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Fun and Games

Today’s trivia is all about fun and games.  I guess that’s kind of redundant, since trivia is itself fun and a game, but who cares?