Pop Culture

Oldies But Goodies: The Dick Van Dyke Show

Even growing up, I was always a TV person. In what was possibly a sign of bad parenting, from the age of five, I had a tiny black and white TV in my bedroom. It was almost always on one channel: Nickelodeon, and at night, Nick at Nite. Watching shows like The Donna Reed Show, […]


Controlling Language

How would you communicate what a dictatorship felt like if you were never taught how to describe oppression? It’s seems a somewhat absurd question if you were raised in the West. Yet the same idea is still applicable to plenty of first world situations.


Persephone Polyvore’d

Our love of Polyvore at Persephone is well documented.  As a fun filler, I made a set for each of the editors.  It’s important to note I only know what one of them looks like, so most of this is guessing.  As is also well documented, I have no personal style of my own.  My […]

Public Service

It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  We’re all rested up, and back to normal this week so be prepared for lots of great content from all our writers in the upcoming days.  We’re down to less than one week left in the banner contest, so get those art neurons firing and make us something pretty.