Pop Culture

“Miss Advised” is Ill Advised

I enjoy a vast majority of Bravo reality shows, and when a new one starts, I usually give it a try. Despite the rather annoying promos, a few weeks ago I sat down and watched the first episode of Miss Advised, which follows three women – a matchmaker in New York City, a sex expert with […]


Fighting to be Relevant? The Competitiveness of Women

When I think back to my middle school and high school days, one of the things I remember most was the gaggle of girlfriends I always had surrounding me. Had you asked my 13 year old self who my best friend was, you would’ve gotten a list of names big enough to fill a garbage […]

The Daily Goodie

First Daily Goodie of the New Year

Welcome to the first day of Persephone Magazine in the New Year! We’ve been working hard upgrading the site and we hope you like it.  Let us know and register to become a commenter while you’re at it. Today’s Daily Goodie is pictures of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.  In my house, there’s […]