Five Weird Science Facts for Blowing People’s Minds at Cocktail Parties

Not all of the best science stories are actually stories; sometimes, the most interesting, mind-bending science comes in the form of short facts. My professors would always frame these facts as cool tidbits to bust during cocktail parties to wow and amuse the other guests, which shows both how nerdy they were (not a negative […]


Remember the Yucatan: A Review of “Sex At Dawn”: How We Mate, Why We Stray and What It Means For Modern Relationships

“The sciences of human nature tend to validate the practices and preferences of whatever regime happens to be sponsoring them. In totalitarian regimes, dissidence is treated as mental illness. In apartheid regimes, interracial contact is treated as unnatural. In free-market regimes, self-interest is treated as hardwired.” Louis Menand