Friday News Bites: Politics, Alan Rickman, Other Obits + More

Hello, fellow unicorns. I’d say “Happy Friday,” but with the way people are dying this month, it feels strange to do so. Let’s knock wood for all our favorite celebrities and take a look at other news stories from the past week.


What Women Want

Last night, I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and grading papers while he read out loud some funny Internet answers to ridiculous questions. I was having a good time and laughing quite a lot until he read one that wasn’t very funny at all. The poster asked, “What is the secret to understanding […]


Movie Nights: Submit Your Suggestions!

Hey guys, I have been a tad busy and unable to get my usual column in, due in part to my family “surprise” visiting me. Let me tell you all, it does not help to “surprise” visit a graduate student. Nope, I am a tad bit annoyed, but I love them, so I deal.