Occupy Wall Street: How About We Occupy Rape Culture?

“Our unity must be complex. Our unity must be emancipatory.” ““ Angela Davis, Oakland’s General Strike, Nov 2. “Listen, if your revolution doesn’t implicitly and explicitly include a rejection of misogyny and other intersectional marginalizations, then you’re not staging a revolution; you’re staging a change in management.” ““ Melissa McEwan

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On #MooreandMe, Pt. II: Naomi Wolf and Protecting Accusers’ Anonymity

Part of what has so revived the #MooreandMe Twitter hashtag this week is renowned feminist Naomi Wolf’s January 5 op-ed for the Guardian, titled “Julian Assange’s sex-crime accusers deserve to be named.” Wolf argues that shielding rape accusers from the public spotlight infantilizes women, allows unethical organizations to hush up accusations, and is morally irresponsible.